mjj (flemmings) wrote,

We Three Kings of Orien Tar

I'm not much for music ordinarily because, like TV, there's very little I can do while listening to music except listen to the music. But I find I can read Pratchett (and do double crostics) to Christmas carols. Got out a CD from the library last night, sat down with Guards Guards, and... found myself back in Tokyo, oddly- seeing Nerima streets out the corner of my eye, just beyond the page's edge. Tantalizing, because I couldn't see it straight on, but if I was supposedly focussing on the English words, there it was down to the uneven sidewalks. I think it was the effect of three baritones singing the Kings.

And Pratchett is certainly a good read for those who will spend a maximum ninety minutes per volume. I spent three evenings, which strikes me as wrong. I'm reading Yuki Kaori faster than Pratchett. OTOH YK is turning out much better than vols 1-2 of Godchild had led me to expect. Quite the lovely romp, just as in the old days. Nonetheless I have a sinking feeling that when I return Pratchett to the library, I'll be taking out another volume of him just because he's a respectable subway/ waiting in line English read. And that's wrong too, because the default English read is supposedly reserved for Aubrey/ Maturin.
Tags: manga_07, pratchett, reading_07, rl, xmas

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