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Unamused dragon king is unamused

I can't remember what I did this week but the size of my paycheque suggests I worked. Money is good, but I'm tired and have a persistent crick in my neck and my feet have been cramping these last three days to the point where I must take taxis. Cannot bike: snow and ice and slick streets. Sniff.

However a small parcel was waiting for me in the mailbox today. 'Good, my Christmas cards from Riverkids, I'll spend the weekend writing Christmas cards,' I thought. But no. It was vols 1-3 of Silver Diamond from jpqueen. I can take a hint. I shall spend the weekend reading Silver Diamond.

Well, one must eat one's vegetables first. I have Godchild 4-6 to read and have had for a year, and natch one must go back and reread 3 from.... five years ago? to find out what's going on. What's going on alas is same old same old.

I should reread Kafka and Red Ram to see if they really were as good as I thought them fourteen years ago, before the idiocies of Angel Sanctuary did awful things to Yuki Kaori's narrative. I'm afraid to, of course. I'm afraid they'll turn out to have been as idiotic as Godchild. But I hope that GC is just a case of the excellent characters in the early volumes turning into travesties and tired caricatures, thanks to the soul and inspiration-crushing influence of HtY's indentured slavery for mangaka.

So I shall wade through them just to have them off the To Read shelf, but not before this envoi to Alexis:
Ah, shut up. You are the most aggressive irritating villain in the world. I always meant to tell you that. I said it and I'm glad.
Japanese kewl oyajis are never as kewl as their mangaka think they are. And really, no woman over thirty should still be enraptured by an animus figure; or if she is, she shouldn't admit it. It's one of those youthful characteristics that's cringe-making in an adult.
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