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I came home today to a slim parcel in the mailbox. 'My Christmas cards from Singapore,' I thought, 'and about time; or maybe my Christmas cards from UNICEF, also about time, though they're a bit... heavy for UNICEF cards.' But no: it was i_am_zan's books, blazing with the speed of summer lightning, cause the last thing to arrive from S'pore took over three weeks.

So thanks very much, love, and for the recipes as well- opened the first one to 'pumpkin in coconut milk' which is marvellous, because I love pumpkin but never know what to do with it. (Also suspect that your pumpkin is not our pumpkin, but that's for laters.) Only now I worry- did my books not reach you yet? It's been over three weeks, which is slow even for Canada Snail/ Escargot Canada. Must clearly send you more...

Came home to something else.

I have a house mouse. House mouse has been only mildly annoying: leaves its stupid poo on my counters but doesn't attack the food. I've put my humane trip-trap out for it and baited it with butter (because the one next door, presumably the same, quite boldly comes out and eats their butter) and stinky cheese and, on the advice of the hardware store ojisan, peanut butter. Mouse could care less about my baited trip trap. I come down every morning and find it still flat and the door still open, ignored by my little mouse.

But mouse has been getting more bothersome. Comes out in the evening and scampers about, rattling crockery, while I'm reading next door. Runs and jumps into the range burners and so to the inaccessible back of the stove. And worse. The other day I took a piece of bread from the bag and wondered how come a third of it had been sliced off. Then saw hole in bag. Mouse has been eating my caraway rye: neatly, very neatly, because it still looks cut not nibbled, but nonetheless: eating my precious caraway rye bread.

The urami of the carb-restricted is a terrible thing. When I went out today (into a world of apocalyptic darkness and banging winds and snow squalls) I left a trap baited with caraway rye bread. And returned to find the trap tipped up. Now, this has happened before without netting me a mouse. Brush it in passing and the trap tilts naturally. Nonetheless, I took it outside to the other side of the street, close to where Judith's Cat theoretically has its house (though natch Judith's Cat, being The Street Cat, lives wherever it wants to live.) I opened the hatch and shook. Nothing came out. Damn. I shook it again. Mouse exploded out and hightailed it into the long grass. Hurray! I am free of the bread-eating counter-pooping mouse!!

Only I shall bait my trap again tonight just in case there's two of them.
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