mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Elegant tigers and nues, oh my!

Have been occupied these last few days with les malheurs de la vie:

-snow, ice, people who don't shovel their walks unlike virtuous and arthritic me
-back to snow boots and gingerly inching over slippery sidewalks while my knees twinge, instead of happily sailing down streets on the bicycle
-a 2-days colic: non-productive internal gripes. Thought I'd popped my hernia for a bit. However it occasioned the drop of another kilo, so go me.
-terminal Dumb. Gel toothpaste in squeeze bottles is a godsend: doesn't gunk the way paste does, doen't require extreme force to get the last half of the paste out. Liquid soap in pump bottles is a godsend: doesn't turn into dirty mush in a soap dish that must periodically be scraped and boiled clean. But I've always known that one day I would confuse the two and yesterday I did.

But none of this matters because rasetsunyo translates Chinese lyrics and reveals at the same time that Yahoo in Chinese is 'elegant tiger': 雅虎搜索 (ya hu sou suo, Elegant Tiger Search).

Alas that it becomes 'gaku' in Japanese. If I were to ateji Yahoo in Japanese (which I needn't thanks to twice-blessed thrice-cursed katakana) what would it be? 夜夫 (night husband)? 野風 (field wind)? 爺冨 (old man's prosperity)? or the one IME doesn't give, 鵺瘋- a madness like that of the fearsome nue bird, with the head of a monkey, the body of a tanuki, the tail of a snake and the legs of a tiger, that the guy in my icon killed.
Tags: chinese, japanese, rl_07

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