mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Luddite spleen

Man, if lj wants you to switch from S1 to S2 they're going the wrong way about it. That's some seriously scary stuff in there. Layers, levels, children... These guys are high on Photoshop fumes.

And all this because there are two communities I need to join to be able to comment but that I don't want showing up on my FL in all their prolix glory. The only solution seems to be to dump all my friends into a filter that excludes those two comms. But then, evidently, every time I view my FL I must first go through the 'manage friends' hoops and tell it I want to read the 'everyone but' filter.

Is there really no way of making a reading filter permanent? And why the hell doesn't the FAQ have a section on reading filters?
Tags: lj, techy

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