mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Reasons to be happy

1. The sun shines for the Santa Claus Parade, a local custom which buggers the streets for blocks around me but which makes the kids happy.

2. The leaves have finally turned but half of them haven't fallen so Toronto is all yellow and golden at a time when it's usually bare and boring.

3. Don't-eat-that-you'll-*hurt* regime has dropped me a solid kilo since Wednesday (more like two, cause my weight was up on Wednesday.)

4. I bought a rayon peasant skirt yesterday from the dollar store, ankle-length, that keeps me nice and warm over my spats or whatever they're called in non-Japanese English. Have bemoaned the lack of wearable full skirts in my size for the last decade: only import stores have them, natch, because NAmerican designers wouldn't be caught dead using them, but China, India, Bangladesh, Thailand and other places that actually make the garments have odd notions of what constitutes 'large'. This one fits comfortably, and with my coat on I look like Harriet Tubman or Gertrude Stein, which pleases me.

5. bk1 has no Sugiura Shiho at all, a puzzling oversight. But jpqueen now offers SAL as an alternative to shipping companies. I've ordered the first three volumes of Silver Diamons and wait to hear if they're in stock.

6. Even without any of these, the sight of my favourite (canonical) (in fact, *only* canonical) dragon king has made my day. Extra points for my personal bet that Goujun is going to do Kenren. Unless Minekura is trying for another two tanks worth of spun-out story, and then he'll chivalrously let him escape.
Tags: manga_07, rl_07, saiyuki_gaiden

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