mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The end of local (human) landmarks

First Honest Ed, now Ernie the hot dog vendor.

Also, anent Hyakki Yakki 16- oh Saburou. Sancta simplicitas, without the unpleasant associations of the original. There's a Japanese word for Saburou, but it is from my mind at the moment.

See, when last we looked in on Saburou he was carving himself a body from a chunk of 'living wood' so he could go on living in the same world as the woman he loves. (Backstory is complicated, but he's currently existing in a kind of kekkai.) But he offers this new body to a woman's ghost who turns up so she can have the life she was denied before. 'Why did you make it like that?' she asks curiously. 'Because that's what I like.' Other things intervene, as they will in Ima stories, and Saburou's spirit ends up in the body he carved. It's a rooster. What was the man *thinking* of?
Tags: 100demons, rl_07

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