mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Twiddling Thumbs

Once again I face that common me-syndrome: I'm afraid of my stories. I'm afraid to write them in case they don't turn out, or in case they swallow me, or in case they go somewhere I don't want them to and then my canon is screwed for good, or in case I don't meet the vague idea I have of them in my head and thus Betray My Characters oh woe woe is me.

Yeah, well. I must grasp the wheel of fire and finish one of these beasties, lest yet another WIP become an Abandoned in Progress. But I don't know which one I want to do. (Answer to that of course is 'none'. I want to play addiction solitaire and do double crostics until I drown in my own ineffectuality.)

Not going to make a poll because it's beyond my capabilities at the moment and anyway polls always break friends pages. But in the queue we have:

1. a Rainywillow Store with an actual plot
2. a back-history set among female dragons, when Goushou was partnering the mother of his third daughter (a word he wouldn't use but we can)
3. the never-ending 100 Demons one about The Thing In The Closet
4. the sequel to the never-going-to-be-finished Kaiei at the southern ocean story, which I can't finish unless I finish 2 as well.

If you were me which would you do?

(Using my 'sweet but clueless kirin' icon. Not sweet but certainly clueless, here.)
Tags: writing, writing-moan
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