mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Reason not the need

I tell myself that if I'd just sit down regularly with my Chinese grammar book I'd make much faster progress in learning hanzi (to say nothing of grammar) than I do spending an hour with mandarin tools trying to make sense of someone's icon or someone's post secret postcard, but I'm not sure it's true.

The fingers of one hand are not enough to count the languages I've studied from texts and charts- mostly with a view to reading ability, not speaking- and in only one have I actually achieved reasonable dictionary-less literacy. That one is Japanese and it happened largely because some fourteen years ago next Wednesday I went to a Comic City sale where I bought a stack of stuff that I absolutely had to know what it meant. So, yeah- icons and postcards are baby steps now, but they have their uses. Cause I know I've come across the simplified version of 言 before but only now, after twenty minutes' frustration, do I have it firmly in my head that it's not the common form of 辵 which it so much resembles online. cf 订 and 辽, that make so much more sense to me as 訂 and 遼
Tags: chinese, language
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