mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Drive-by update

Good: Firefox now keeps me logged in to lj.
Bad: Firefox now tells me the plug-in at Overheard in NY has committed an illegal action and must be shut down. The plug-in???

Best: sho_sunaga, if you didn't get the answer I left to the comment you left me six weeks ago that lj never told me about (stops for breath) your package came and thank you very much. Opened by Revenue Canada because (I think) you didn't say what was inside, or else the label fell off. This doubtless explains the +4 weeks added on to the usual 2 weeks from Anywhere Near Tokyo. RevCan takes its time.

The weather has been dropping below freezing and some trees have begun to change colour. Finally. Three weeks after they should have and about the time they usually drop their leaves. But a great number of them are a) still green and b) still on the trees, even though other trees are bare. This confuses me more than anything since Tokyo.
Conversation with friend, somewhere on the Inokashira line, ca. January 1993-
Me: Nice trees there. Pity about the big dead one in front.
Her: It's not dead, it's deciduous.
Tags: rl_07, techy

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