mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Monday Rejoicing

I heart Overheard in New York. Especially this one:

Conductor: Attention, passengers, this J Train is now going express to Myrtle. You hear me? Express. Express! There is a local train right behind this one. This train is going express! [Mob of angry passengers exits train.] Psych! This is a local J Train to Manhattan. Next stop: Chauncey. Please enjoy the leg room brought to you by the New York City MTA.

--Broadway Junction Station, Brooklyn

Overheard by: JRider

I might almost believe that would happen in New York, though otherwise I go for the 'last line of Hedda Gabler' response: Good God!--people don't do things like that!

I like second hand books- like them better than new, much as I prefer yard sale furnishings to store-bought. History attaches to them, and a vague human relationship: someone had this before me. I had two lovely sets of china twenty years ago, both of which came from people's lawns. Age has diminished them and I think about buying a new bunch (though why, I don't know. No one ever comes to dinner here, and I eat from bowls not plates in any case.) But yard sales don't provide the same quality as in my youth and new crockery is... soulless. Bowls aren't, so much, but the bowls are Japanese or Korean and all different if I want them to be.

But I hate getting a book's plot second hand- I hate knowing its details before I start, which is why I rarely even read blurbs. And especially, with Aubrey/Maturin, I hate knowing that certain things will happen *some time* because someone casually mentioned it in passing. Am in the middle of The Fortunes of War and recalling, alas, someone's passing comment in incandescens' FL from a time before I even started reading the series and hoping desperately that *this* isn't what she was talking about and being quite certain it is.

This fidgetiness only applies to plot, of course, which shows how shallow I am; but spoil the plot for me and you've generally spoiled the reading experience. Maybe if I could finish a three hundred page book in ninety minutes I'd feel different; but 300 pages is several evenings' reading, depending on subject matter, and pointless if I already know what's going to happen unless there's some other really overwhelming draw to the books. The A/M relationship is a draw-- but an awful lot of the books is taken up with straight Who Wins What Battle, and the personal parts are minor by comparison.

Otherwise- Hakky Yakky 16 comes out Wednesday our time, the 7th. Must remember to order when it appears at bk1. Amazon would let me preorder- indeed, it's amazon's nudging 'don't you want this book huh huh doncha?' email that informed me of the date- but amazon charges 3000 yen just to think about delivering it to me.
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