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For my own reference, the winged dragons on Nihonbashi bridge. (Yes, I know that means Nihon bridge bridge. Nihonbashi is also an area and I feel an intrinsic need to specify.) I'm reminded of Ima Ichiko's little squib at the end of vol 4-ish of 100 Demons: 'Sometimes I wish a bomb would drop on Ginza.' Sometimes I wish a bomb would drop on north Ginza and demolish the expressway there. What were they *thinking* of, to stick the thing right above Nihonbashi? I know there's no urban planning in Japan but you'd think someone would have thought.

Otherwise, to reassure my battered ego, I read Ze 5 last night.

I liked it a lot, possibly the best of the bunch. I like Ryuu- a decent Mito, how strange- a heterosexual Mito, how stranger- and I like Moriya, who's the type I'm prone to like anyway. I liked everything about this one but the ending, because it was a most unfortunate place to stop. I mean, we're in the Moriya and Ryuu story, lady, yes? It's M&R who are screwing mightily for the first time as the clock ticks down to the wire on whether M gets to stay alive or goes back to paper. So uhh why do then you cut to a totally gratuitous scene of Genma and Himi screwing? besides the fact you think sociopathic Genma is the kewlest thing around. Why do mangaka always love the bastards? Bastards are bastards: though doubtless that's my lack of hormones speaking. Under thirty, I know, bastards are hot, and as a safe fantasy in manga, even hotter. But have you forgotten that little kid all alone in the conveni with the scared look on his face?? What about him, huh?? Yeah, TBC in vol 6. Thanks a bunch.

Still, have to say Ze is the only manga that's even close to hardcore BL that I care to read these days. Shimizu has the touch: the story is in the characters, not the sex. Well, and the backstory, whatever it turns out to be; and Waki, doubtless on the side of the angels whatever it looks like now. Me, if I had to create my poor kami to become, essentially, the slaves and bondservants of a bunch of dorks like the Mito clan, I might get a little perverse too. Still think there's too much sex in it, but that's just hormoneless me; and sex scenes allow you to skip which makes the manga go faster.

Evidently to read Bluecat 5 I must reread Bluecat 3 & 4. I am... not sure I want to. Fortunately there's also Gate 3 waiting. Also two more volumes of Aristotle Detective, come by chance while looking for other things at Eliot's Books.
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