mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Oft him anhaga are gebideth

The Millennium is upon us. I buy something online today- from Singapore but priced in US dollars of course: 'international money,' my father used to call it; and up comes the bill:

TOTAL: 35.00 USD
From credit card xxxxxxxxx: 33.46CD.

This has never happened, not *once*, in all the decades I've been a (credit)card-carrying adult. And I cherish it, I cherish it with all the fervour of someone who used to get statements saying

TOTAL: 35.00 USD
From credit card xxxxxxxxx: 54.46CD.

Otherwise Detective Bluecat 5 is pwning me flat. Alas, this month I evidently don't understand Japanese. Or not Motoni's Japanese, in any case.
Tags: manga_07, rl_07
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