mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The saddest words of tongue or pen

I would not be so fastidious as I am for a kingdom. No, really. Does anyone else here care where their fandoms come from? I do, damn it.

Finding it myself is good. (See: Papuwa, Rika, Karin, Hi Izuru, Stigma.) Finding it through paleaswater's rec is the norm better. (See: Ima Ichiko, Kou Josei, Konron no Tama, Hatsu Akiko, Martha Wells, possibly Detective Bluecat whose origins are lost in the mist of time.) But even when I find it myself there's usually input from paleaswater somewhere (see: Saiyuki and Motoni Modoru way back in ohh '98 was it?)

And this is just fine. I'm pleased as punch to be influenced by paleaswater. Especially since she isn't a fanwriter. When someone writes a series they make it in a sense their own, and if I come into it afterwards I feel, however illogically, that I'm encroaching on their territory. This is why it's very necessary to be first, or among the first. At least you get the pleasure of the virgin fandom before the arrival of the squuee-ers and crackheads and people who not only don't get it, they don't realize there's an it to get.

(That's the other reason to be first: the company you find yourself keeping in well-trodden fandoms. There are very nice people who write Good Omens. There are at least two thundering twits. Writing GO would put me in the company of the nice civil people; it would also put me in company with the twits. Twits speak loudest. I am at the very least disinclined to write GO, shall we say.)

But my current sadness is Patrick O'Brian. I like the books. I like the simultaneous unexpectedness and reliability of them. I like the Aubrey/Maturin relationship. I like *them*. But I came to them through bravecows' fics. If only it had been a rec! But no, fic it was. And now in my head Aubrey/Maturin belongs to bravecows and will never be mine. Because once bravecows fics a work, the rest of us might as well all shake hands and go home.

I need a 'sad' icon these days. The pissy one doesn't cut it.
Tags: afrai, fandom, manga, o'brian, writing

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