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Ohhh, Rowling, Rowling, Rowling on the river: 'tis too much prov'd, that Rowling appeals to thirteen year old girls because she *thinks* like one.


I feel I should applaud a western writer who's as sincere about her romance novel psychology as many mangaka seem to be in theirs, except I'm never sure if the mangaka really buy the Grand Opera view of the human character they espouse, while I know as God's own truth that Rowling does. 'You have your mother's eyes!' Argh.

Otherwise, mhh, I finished Good Omens. It has several amusing lines but I forget what they were. I will also argue that Crowley/ Azriphael is yaoi and not slash. The difference by me is how arbitrary you have to be to see erotic vibes between the guys, where slash is less arbitrary ('Look, clear homoerotic subtext') and yaoi is more ('They're cute together.')

I also finished two Minami Megumu manga, Lying Lover which is a series of related stories, and Protect Me, which isn't. I was hoping it was, because the first story turns out to be by god Journey to the West, Gokuu and Sanzou if not exactly Gokuu x Sanzou, very much from the novel with lascivious demons and short-tempered Immortals and naked Sanzou ready to throw himself into a pot of boiling oil for naked (manly) Gokuu who's already in the pot and quite unharmed, thank you, because he turns himself into a nail that melts and then comes back together.

However, no, the other stories have Franks and Saracens, male brothels and naive samurai in Edo, and one of her open-ended tales set in Heian about oh cool the blind biwa-player Semimaru. Who is one of Minami's hapless long black-haired ukes. The reason the Sanzou story doesn't have sex, I swear, is because Sanzou has long *blond* hair and is thus disbarred from true finger-in-the-butt ukedom.

Lying Lover includes little vignettes she did about her fave slash couples, for lack of another term. One of these is indeed the threesome of Sanzou, Gokuu and Gojou, where Gojou has the hots for Gokuu, not Sanzou. This idea derives from 悟浄歎異, a work by Nakajima Atsushi (and note this useful page of Japanese authors). Someone sent me an extract from that a long time ago because Minami isn't the only one to see slashy subtext in the fanboy admiration of Gokuu that Nakajima gives to Gojou. Mind you, Nakamura didn't make Gojou a sad-faced third wheel either. (And this is how Gokuu and Sanzou look in colour. Not sure why part of the cover got cut off in scanning this time; am never sure why scanners hate the peach colours mangaka like to use for their skin tones.)

More to a western point, another of Minami's fave slash couples is ahem Poirot and Hastings. Urk, one says. No need to say urk. This is how she conceives of Poirot and Hastings.
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