mjj (flemmings) wrote,

'I am changing, fearfully changing'

Have had a niggling feeling all year that something was odd. Off. Borderline wrong. Finally realized what it was. My English reading for 2007 to date- China Mieville, Patrick O'Brian, Garth Nix, Wilkie Collins, John Crowley, Peter Ackroyd, Wilfred Blunt, Robert Holdstock, Booth Tarkington and currently Neil Gaiman.

They're men.

Why am I suddenly reading white male writers? (There's Natsume Soseki and Charles Saunders as well, but them I'm having trouble with.) Am I reclaiming my cultural roots from the usual domination of female Japanese writers? There's a couple of Yanks in there but these guys- pardon me, blokes- are mostly Brit, you observe. (Which argues I should be reading some male French writers too, and uh err- pass.)

Do I just have proportionately more testosterone in my system these days?

To be read: more Imaro, Outlaws of the Marsh, Michael Shea, Brust. I have Possession, I have The Tale of Murasaki, I have Quarreling They Met the Dragon; and I don't want to read any of them. Men. XY writers. RAWWWRR give me MEAT!!

(To be fair, I don't think any of the writers named indulge in the generic male sins that have put me off male writing in the past- "the story is about Me, wonderful misunderstood Me, and everyone else is purely incidental"- though Mieville comes close and Saunders needs to work on it and that's *why* I don't want to read French writers, OK? But still. 'MEAT!!! or Ima Ichiko' does not a balanced diet make.)
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