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I have an aspirin-and-codeine habit of many decades standing. Migraines and structural FUBARs do it to you. With an eye to future decrepitude ('you'll need it more later and then it won't work') I've cut back severely on my aspirin-and-codeine intake: from as many as four a day in season to two a week. For everything else there's basil leaves uhh tylenol.

I also have a My-Opinions-Let-Me-Show-You-Them habit of many decades standing. I've cut back severely on showing my opinions on anything but impersonal topics. (Yes, manga are impersonal, especially if they're manga no one else reads. Possibly Bleach doesn't fall under this rubric.) In both cases, I've happily discovered that the exercise leaves me in much less pain than I'd expected it would.

Except today. I am *dying* to dope myself to the gills/ lay about me with the mighty sword of righteous wrath.

But instead I'll go finish that Makiko manga set in '30's Shanghai. Makiko is cookie-cutter, I know, but she gives the comforting illusion that one can a) read Japanese b) fast. And I *did* finish a Minami Megumi manga in an afternoon, which means my reading skills have indeed improved, because I've never before read a Minami manga that wasn't- for reasons I can't identify- an utter slog. This in spite of the fact that the action of a Megumi manga is as set as a Makiko one, in its own peculiar way ie at some point the uke will be tied up and finger-fucked because yeah finger-fucking another guy is such a great way for a seme to get his rocks off. Mileage may vary with other BL mangaka but I'm quite sure who it is Minami identifies with.

And then I'll go play with the babies. Or not, because one of the places I wish to lay about me with the mighty sword of righteous wrath is work.
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