mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Pieces of eight, pieces of eight/ Pieces of nine and ten!

I wake up to sweet silliness:
What do we want? Status quo! When do we want it? Still!

And went content to the crocodile.

Last year's disappointing haul from Book-off included something brightly coloured called Gate by one Kisaragi Hirotaka 如月 弘鷹. Started it in the summer. Four high school boys with pretty hair and big eyes get struck by lightning ho hum. Put it away. Ahh, if only I had read on. Four high school boys with pretty hair and big eyes get struck by lightning and become possessed by the four guardian beasts of Chinese geomancy. Yes you know the spiel: Suzaku the firebird of the south, Genbu the dark warrior of the north, Byakkou the white tiger of the west and Seiryuu the blue-green-yes yes mauvecloud: black- dragon of the east.)

Action includes cool sardonic heart to hearts on the roof between the manly rambunctious guy™ and Genbu, the oft-neglected black warrior of the north, neglected largely I think because no one can decide if he's a turtle or an old man, and neither appeals to the shoujo crowd. Here he's a komodo lizard (checks: no I didn't spell that kodomo this time), adept at dealing with manly rambunctious guys and their manly secret sorrows™. The dragon is nasty and dangerous and attached to the coolest of the guys. The tiger is sweet (have had a fondness for the tiger since Karin.) There's also an unwashed, scruffy, lab coat wearing, cigarette smoking, Nii-school of ojisan character with a Nii-school Past we haven't yet heard about.

And never will, by the looks of it.

Gate was published by a Biblos affiliate and went the way of Biblos productions. Gate 3 is evidently too old for current online bookstores to still have in stock. amazon.jp has it used but feh- amazon.jp. I do not care to pay $30 for a $6 manga which will have tax levied on it for a stated value of $236, while Fedex and amazon.jp both say It was *their* screw-up not ours.

yesasia (that *really* needs to get its act together and stop directing me to Chinese translations when I want Japanese originals) appears to have 3, if I can find it again, which right now I can't. (And yesasia needs to clean up their webpage so that clicking on 'Japanese language' doesn't click instead on their stupid advertisement. And it needs to learn that 如月 is read Kisaragi not Kisataki. And---)

Vols 1&2 were translated into English but there seems no plans for 3, and 2 appears currently unavailable, though the blue and white bookstore had it a few days ago. So, yeah. I Will Never Know What Happened. Such sadness.

Back I go to Excerpts From The Blue Dragon, my Chinese/ Silk Roads anthology, which so far has no blue dragons in it.

ETA: the dangers of a strong loonie. I order it second hand from amazon.jp because there's a good chance the vendor uses good honest mail, not Fedex. Fingers crossed.
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