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We are going to have a holiday in February. Finally. Unless he changes his mind. As it is we have a holiday the second weekend in October, then nothing for two and a half months until the end of December, then nothing for three months or more until whenever Easter happens, anywhere from the end of March to the middle of April. So yeah- Family Day. Which is fine by me. A free Monday in February is a free Monday in February.

Also saw mauvecloud xsmoonshine's twirling ballerina on a computer that works. To my surprise she went clockwise, and only clockwise. Stopped periodically but then continued clockwise. I'm not a right-brain type naturally. What I am, I think, is someone who cracked two vertebrae 25 years ago, lost strength in her right arm, and unconsciously transferred a bunch of functions to her left. This explains why I'm also so clumsy these days.

I'm also in a pissy mood, as were all the tinies at work today. Since *they* aren't going through menopause I'll assume a malign astrological conjunction. Hope it goes away soon, whatever.
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