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happy happy happy happy I am so happy....

I'm not, is why I'm doing this meme (ganked from kijjohnson): Ten things that recently made me happy.

Adolescent to do this like Gardner's Grendel- it was adolescent of Gardner too- so I won't, but I'm always tempted to do a list that goes 1. 1. 1.
(Reverse chronological order)

1. Learning that the mudmen are, well, mudmen. Really. I always wondered what they were.

2. Discovering a missing box of books in the basement, with the Richie I couldn't find last year, and oh look a copy of Water Margin/ Outlaws of the Marsh I'd forgotten I had. (Err- of course this means I have to *read* Water Margin oh dear.)

3. Getting that Ikea chest of drawers almost assembled, finally, after eighteen months. It's still not together because it's cursed. This, dammit, is why one needs geomancers to tell you if today is an auspicious day to buy furniture and if north is an auspicious direction to go in to buy it.

4. Baby Arjun.

5. Finding one of my missing singlets- the burgundy one, my favourite colour- which means I now have enough singlets to get through a week again. And a good thing too, because I can't find them any more in the right size and shape. (I wear men's sizes. Men's versions of these things tend to be cut narrow across the back to emphasize bulging body builder physique. All that gets emphasized with me are bulging brassieres.) Also the red yukata, discovered in the same place. (Do you notice a certain tendency here? Rejoice with me for that which was lost has been found...?)

6. Certain squashy parcel friends of mine. 'I love big butts and I cannot lie.' Yes, Isobar Razzmatazz and Thanksamillion, that means you. I also look forward to the day when you begin to walk, a process I fancy has been impeded by your (cough) avoirdupois.

7. Stopping the aspirin and codeine fixes without any fallout that I can see, aside from, well, hurting more than I did. Qualified joy because I still take tylenol and codeine, though a quarter of my previous dose. But since tylenol does diddley-squat for me painwise I must assume the effect is mostly placebo; I could probably go to straight tylenol without repercussions. And if I can get through a fall day on one tylenol and codeine, I can get through anything.

8. Reading a couple of manga series straight through, tank or more a day, with pleasure and a distinct lack of that chronic 'why am I bothering with this?' feel that alas, dogs so many manga and even more English-language books.

9. Honest Ed's North aka the 'dollar' store by the Bathurst subway. A cave of delights. Three-colour pens I don't have to go to Tokyo for. Peking Opera mask fridge magnets. Lightweight polyester quilts that keep me warm but don't weigh. (It's *amazing* how heavy feather duvets can get.) Squishy queen size pillows for my knees when I sleep, that don't cost the $40 Obusform wants to charge for something similar. Chinese tables for plants that work equally well as skinny bedside tables.

10. Finding that drabbles will scratch the 'I want to write' itch without the frets and angst of a longer story. Now if only I had a drabble to write, because the one I had insists on being a longer story.

And an omake-

11. Mooncakes.
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