mjj (flemmings) wrote,

I can has Rosetta Stone!

(Some day LOLcat will grow old- in a week or two- but for now...)

May I say a heartfelt thank you to the editors of Schaum's Outlines and one Claudia Ross, Ph.d? Their Chinese Grammar gives its sample sentences in both traditional and simplified hanzi. Both my other Learning Chinese books used simplified only, which are useless to Japanese-reading me. But with both forms together, *with* sample sentences, I not only have a fair chance of learning to read basic Chinese, I may finally be able to associate simplified hanzi with the kanji I know.

(And of course a straight grammar is more useful to me than any textbook that assumes you want to speak the language some day. Far more sentences that work *as* sentences, rather than taking me at length through the process of introducing oneself.)
Tags: chinese
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