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Spent some time Saturday googling Tokyo cemetaries trying to find pictures of Aoyama Reien for a story, and did, but always in cherry blossom season. Whereas I saw it at this time of year, my first Tokyo autumn happily exploring the city. My search turned up a lot of natsukashii names and at least one Hey, how come I never got *there*?? "Zoshigaya Cemetary: 10-min walk from Higashi-Ikebukuro Stn on the Yurakucho Line"? My stomping grounds. And look- everyone's buried there: Hearn, Soseki, Kafu. The Pere Lachaise of Tokyo, it is. (My regular cemetary was Somei Reien, a small walk or even faster bike ride from Sugamo, cause that's where Touyama no Kinsan is buried.)


Lord Rameses of Egypt sighed
Because a summer evening passed;
And little Ariadne cried
That summer fancy fell at last
To dust; and young Verona died
When beauty's hour was overcast.

Theirs was the bitterness we know
Because the clouds of hawthorn keep
So short a state, and kisses go
To tombs unfathomably deep,
While Rameses and Romeo
And little Ariadne sleep.
-John Drinkwater

Tenpou is an outstanding officer- resourceful, courageous, responsible. Quick-witted as well: Goujun never has to tell him anything twice. His private life is equally exemplary, blamelessly devoted to books and tobacco. Tenpou's only failings are, possibly, taking too much personal initiative in the field and, perhaps, attending too little to personal hygiene at home. Compared to the other officers, that's mere eccentricity. Goujun knows himself to be blessed in having so gifted and gallant a soldier for his marshal. Which is why he ignores the little voice in his head that says 'If it looks too good to be true...'
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