mjj (flemmings) wrote,

qwerty fic

Since Ficwad was going up and down like an (insert invidious simile) on three separate occasions when I wanted to access this drabble, I'm sticking it here and hoping the author, xsmoonshine, doesn't mind. Besides, it's a nice fic.


Jeep is a small dragon, except when he isn't. Sometimes he is neither a dragon nor small. He isn't exactly certain what he is then, but Hakkai's hands are calm and steady on the back of his neck (?), and it doesn't matter. Sometimes he dreams that he is a big dragon, and spreads his wings in thin, cold air, looking down at the shadow he casts far below, wondering at how right it feels. And sometimes he dreams of walking two-legged down endless corridors, not turning his head to look at the cherry trees, and thinks it a pity.
Tags: dragons, fic, saiyuki_gaiden

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