mjj (flemmings) wrote,

'He wanted more- more- he was insatiable!!'

Rejoice. We have an addition to the body of 100 Demons fics not written by me, which may currently be counted on the fingers of a mutilated right hand.

This from the lovely flo_nelja:

"Quel est au juste l'intérêt?" soupire Ritsu.

Aoarashi le regarde le plus innocemment possible pour un démon-dragon. "Le sake a bon goût, non?"

"Et les chansons paillardes, et grimper aux rideaux?"

"Evidemment, tester toutes les possibilités d'une enveloppe physique!
Les démons immatériels ne peuvent pas altérer leur conscience pour
s'amuser... enfin, pas de façon que tu voudrais savoir."

"C'est mon père que tu ridiculises ainsi !"

"Justement! Il est déjà mort! Aucun risque de maladies!"

Ritsu réprime un geste de colère, et Aoarashi ajoute, avec un grand
sourire désarmant, "Et parce que ça t'embête, aussi."

"What do you *do* it for?" Ritsu sighed.
Aoarashi looked at him as innocently as a demon-dragon could.
"Sake tastes good, yes?"
"And the dirty songs, and climbing up the curtains?"
"Obviously, to test the possibilities inherent in a physical envelope. Incorporeal demons can't alter their consciousness for their own enjoyment... at least, not in any way you'd want to know about."
"That's my *father* you're making an fool of!"
"Precisely! He's already dead! There's no risks to his health!"
Ritsu checked an angry gesture, and Aoarashi added, with a huge disarming smile, "And also, I do it because it annoys you."

(Title of the entry from an ancient spoof in Mad magazine on blurbs to make dull books interesting. "He wanted more! More! He was insatiable!" was slapped on the Internal Revenue Code.)
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