mjj (flemmings) wrote,

August 07 roundup

Manga in Japanese, an oddity called Asakusa Young You-hinten (妖品店) by Sanazaki Harumo, with riffs on Rainy Willow Store and various Hallowe'en Comics, respectable and even keepable but not quite-quite;

Hatsu Akiko's Perfect Gentleman 1, dated and as always when she doesn't do weird, somehow lacking;

Genjuu no Seiza 2-5, 7-9. This is that rarest of rarities, a fast fun satisfying read. I like it much better than Petshop of Horrors, partly because it's not set in America (I can live happily without Leon), partly because it's another case of my chronic Baby Got Backstory fixation. Mostly one reads in one direction, forward, to find out what will happen; but I like to read in two, to find out what has happened. I also like the hints, amid Akino's good-humour and cheeriness, of angst and betrayal and broken hearts, and the discovery that the Sacred Beasts' contract with the king has the same conditions as that between a kirin and its serving beasts (or is it with the king also? Memory is vague on that point. I only remember the hideous exception.) Also like that the beasts are independent agents with their own agendas, unlike D's pets.

Manga in English, FMA 14 and GnS 2, and no I haven't finished Mushishi. Not finishing Mushishi seems to be my lot in life, like not assembling that chest of drawers I bought 20 months ago, and for the same reason: because I think I can't. Which is odd, at least in the case of Mushishi; the chest of drawers is an Ikea 'no-words-supplied how's your visual thinking?' special, and my visual thinking is non-existent. Its premise is great and its setting, this mythological no-period countryside Japan like the mythological 'milkmaids and swains' England of Martin Pippin, should be exactly to my taste. But it fights me, in either language. Maybe I need the anime...

English books, The Poison Master and The House of Dr Dee, quod vide.

So on that score, respectable.

Writing, nowt but a handful of drabbles. My writing depresses me. I think I need a new screen so that it at least looks different: but I know if I buy one everything will be smaller and I'll be upset by that.
Tags: 12kingdoms, fma, hatsu_akiko, manga_07, mushishi, reading_07, writing

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