mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Losing it repeatedly

I appear to suffer from an odd recurring hallucination, which is that I own Genjuu no Seiza 6, the one with Fuuto riding on a tiger. I was convinced I'd bought it in New York in 2005 along with 7 & 8. I knew I'd seen it among the other manga I brought back from that trip, which sat around the living room in piles for several months before I got around to reading/ shelving them. I was thus confidently assured that I owned 1-3 and 6-8, and it was only when I sat down to read the later volumes that I couldn't find #6 anywhere. But I saw it. I *know* I saw it.

So when I came to order my current volumes I went to check on the shelf to see which ones I had- because I also never believe that I own #8 with its woolly sheep even though I've read it. And I saw volume 6 on the shelf. So I ordered 4&5 and 9&10.

Needless to say, I don't have vol.6. This is obviously of a piece with my clear memory of having bought vol 3 of Ashinaga no Ojisan-tachi, and being kerblonxed to discover that there *is* no vol 3 because the story ends in vol 2. 'But I know I bought it!'

So I'd really like to know what it was I thought I saw on the shelves three weeks ago. And I'd also like to discover a reasonable way of getting vols 11-14 that doesn't involve amazon.jp and combined price of $20 a volume for each tank after shipping and tax. Have looked at bk1 and registered and ordered, but I get to 'Press this button to order' without being given a cost for shipping. Which, y'know, makes me nervous. I have no idea what 実費請求 means at all but it sounds ominously like 'we'll charge you what it costs us and we won't know till we send it.'
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