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I have finished Poison Master. Thank God.

The many manga I ordered from amazon.jp on Saturday and cheerfully expected to arrive today did not: because, the webpage informs me, they're expected to ship some time in September. So much for 'in stock.' And what's this constant note of theirs -'this item is not eligible for priority shipping'- but we'll charge you priority anyway and we don't offer any other kind internationally? Jerks.

Tendonitis in my right shoulder has reached shut down levels. I cannot play solitaire. I cannot type. My lot is woeful indeed.

One of the cures for inflammation seems to be Intermittent Fasting. It sounds useful except that the very idea of not eating for 24 hours sends me straight to the fridge.

Why I am more blessed than 90% of the human race: I usually don't have a set time in the morning I must be up at. Yes, my income is laughable in consequence. But I don't have to set my alarm clock most days of the week. I can wake at my own pace. That right there is one of the basic definitions of Heaven. And it's monstrous that most people do have to wake to alarm clocks. Future generations will regard that fact as we do the excesses of the Inquisition: sadistic, misguided, and unnecessary.

ETA: The good part of the recent lj kerfuffles? A slew of people whose opinions I can live happily without are leaving lj. Not nearly enough of them, and there are still too many 'but I'll stay on lj for naninani' posts. But still. The air will be so much saner shortly.
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