mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Hot! Gaiden drabble

Hot, it's so hot. I gaman without AC. I mean, I have AC but I don't turn it on at night if I can get by with window fans. So I sweat a lot. Hence this drabble. And it's not like I didn't totally steal the idea from Usagi, because I did. But Minekura helped too, as we all know.

'God, Heaven's so muggy. I'm sweating like a pig.'
'If you *will* wear your uniform all the time--'
'I'm a general. I have a position to maintain.'
'How punctilious of you. There are two ways of being cool, Kenren, and you choose the one that gets you company in bed.'
'Yeah, and you know how hot that gets too? The other kind of hot, I mean.'
'No, actually. I don't.'
'Oh.' Kenren goes red. 'Sorry. Didn't mean-- Sorry.'
Tenpou lets him flail and doesn't inform him that having a scaled cold-blooded bed partner keeps a man very cool indeed.
Tags: fic, rl_07, saiyuki_gaiden

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