mjj (flemmings) wrote,

'Betrayed, yes. Now put on your shoes, I'll walk you to the subway.'

Early on in my Tokyo stay the gas company had a contest, for people to write haiku with the last line 'But still, there's the bath.' They published a two-page spread of winners somewhere- given what a lazy sod I was at the time, I probably read it in the Japan Times, in translation.

Today for the first time
I got called 'obasan'--
Still, there's the bath.

My son gets home from juku
After his father does from work-
Still, there's the bath.

Haiku (or even senryuu, which is what those are) don't work well in English. Envoi do:

Prince, all the fans are fretting mightily;
Lj is run by purblind geeks, by heck;
The humidex today was one-oh-three:
Still, there's the bath, and water to my neck.

Long weekend, and the low tonight is supposed to be 17. For this relief etc
Tags: fandom, verse, wank

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