mjj (flemmings) wrote,

We are not amused

Ahh- amazon.jp? Remember how I ordered something from you Wednesday morning my time aka Wednesday night yours? And how you emailed me back Thursday night my time aka Friday morning yours that my books were in the mail? And how you dinged me for 3000 yen basic for **priority** shipping plus 300 yen per book on top of that? Yes, well, it is now Monday evening my time aka Tuesday morning yours, which I make to be four days since you put the books in the mail. Granted one day was a Sunday, even so. Three day delivery. My books should be here. They aren't. Why not?

Amazon.jp, you low-lived slithery-slimy scum-sucking money-grabbers, where is my Gaiden 3 and my Papuwa 11??? Huh? Hunh?? HUNHH??
Tags: manga, rl_07

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