mjj (flemmings) wrote,

More blameless pastimes

Aka 'I have been a geek, Cynara, in my fashion.'

So, that Goujun picture from Gaiden 3 that has us all hot and bothered? Over in the lower left corner it has one of Minekura's arrgh arrgh headbang pieces of seal script writing. I of course have to know what it says. (Meaning resides in *words*, always, though you'd think with an image like that, that for once I'd make an exception.) What have I spent the evening doing? Looking at characters in Minekura's seal script passage, thinking 'that kind of looks like 'noon', looking up the hanzi for 'noon' (and falcon and several other fruitless guesses) at Mandarintools, and plugging the hanzi I find there into an instant handy-dandy seal script generator I found courtesy of google. To add insult to injury, you have to use simplified hanzi; traditional hanzi only gets you the same hanzi printed in red.

To date, I discover only that Goujun asks 'why' a lot.
Tags: chinese, dragons, saiyuki_gaiden
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