mjj (flemmings) wrote,

To read or not to read

Us Epicureans are often faced with dilemmas like this. Which is it that gives the greatest pleasure and the least pain: reading 800 pages of Rowling's prose or reading other people's spoilers?

Reading Rowling is not fun, at least not in these latter days. Reading breakneck isn't fun either, not for this naturally slow reader, but it's the only way to minimize the pain of reading Rowling: run fast enough and the coals won't burn your feet. Having to read fast because the prose hurts and if you don't finish in time someone inevitably will spoil you causes resentment: this is not how satisfying reading experiences are made. Reading Rowling because there's nothing else to do on a beeeyootiful July day (I know, an oxymoron: but they do in fact exist and we are in fact having one of them) makes me feel hard done by. Reading Rowling so as to feel part of the capital-F-Fandom that is reading Rowling today even though I'm not a fan of HP annoys me, because while I understand the concept of the lowest common denominator, having my mindset of choice generally represented by the HP fandom is kuyashii. If only it had stayed a kids' book that kids read and adults didn't quite see the appeal of, I'd be so much happier. Instead it's the level-entry fandom for huge numbers of former non-fen, as Gundam Wing was for huge numbers of former non-Japanese-anything fen, and the results, as with GW, are far from pretty.

Yes I know what I'm saying: I could bear it well enough if it wasn't for Those Others. Yes, well, moving right along here-- but if I don't read it myself I'll always feel vaguely dissatisfied at having got my info second hand. OTOH the vague dissatisfaction of that must be balanced against a whole weekend spent reading Rowling who-is-tired-of-Harry-herself.

What's needed here is a thumping long manga that I've been wanting to read forever, such as (looks wistfully at shelves) Kohri no Mamono starting at vol 1. Alas, my set starts at vol 4 and makes no sense. Another Kawasou series, which in my case I have not got. (Why are there no Bookoffs in Toronto?) I have Godchild; I don't want to read Kaori Yuki. I have mid-series FB, but FB in Japanese is for some reason not the happy fast read it is in French. I have Akai Torino but jeez: Akai Torino. (Ever noticed how BL is never a thumping good read?) Or best possible scenario, if I had a story that actually co-operated with me ha ha ha.

I'm faced with a loose-ended weekend, and I suppose I must just loose-end it, but I won't loose-end it reading Rowling. I shall vacuum all my rugs and wash all my floors instead, and that will have to do.

(I'm using my pissy red dragon icon a lot lately. This isn't the sign of the red camellia: rather, I suspect, the reverse. I will mention for everyone's future reference, once they hit their 40's, that drinking soy shakes for breakfast for a dozen years evidently means you sleepwalk through menopause, except for the occasional pleased 'gee I haven't had a period in three months' realization. However the surging hormonal fluctuations must be happening somewhere under my bland soy-doped surface, like those stray moments when I feel slightly hot for no good reason, and I suppose low-grade irritability is how they manifest. Unless indeed it's a case of fourth month unlucky and what I have is plain old PMS.)
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