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The Flow be' very very good to me

I'm writing a 100 Demons AU. This was a happy little idea I got three weeks or so ago and scribbled away at until the last week in June when I was scheduled to work full-time. And when my full-time week was over, the sense of a perfect story-line I'd had in my mind had vanished too, so there I was without a convincing ending. This is why writers shouldn't work, or at least not full-time.

But I was beavering away at it today and got to the point where AU Aoarashi is talking to AU Ritsu, who in spite of my best efforts keeps getting conflated with the wet love interest of Yasha Kisoden, the Asuka version, who really is a Heian female of the put-upon Murasaki school. This is what happens when one tries to write sensually sensuous Ritsu from the illustration books and not the tough-minded manga character. AU Aoarashi is saying, no surprise, that what AU Ritsu needs is a lot more yang in his diet and/or lifestyle, which he'll be happy to provide, and AU Ritsu rouses himself to say Give me a break, where you gettin' your yang from, yin-by-definition night and moonlight youkai, huh? Aorashi gets all huffy about being a *dragon* for heaven's sake, proud and brave and yang and not a mere Device creature of yin pooh-pooh. At which point I stopped, wondering if that would fly at all, or if it was even correct, and went off to feed my sister's cats.

Returned home, and because I put my knee out Monday night (rolling over in bed- growing older sucks, do not tell me different) lay down on the sofa for a bit to ice it. And because I'd been reading Rainywillow 11 with its return of that master forger who AFAICR died in a fire at the end of vol 10, I went back to reading vol 10, all of it, including the story of the faux decadent amateur writer, with his exquisite tastes and his long hair and his fondness for exotic bibelots. And here he is, batting his eyelashes and making up to bishounen Ren: 'I'm of the 'dragon yang' persuasion myself.' Hatsu's footnote: 龍陽 (dragon yang) = nanshoku.

Wait, wait. *What*??? Dragons are yang energy are gay???

Plug 龍陽 into Japanese google, find too many wps about Shanghai subways and a story about some courtier fishing with a king, plug the english name from that url- longyan- into English google and come up with Lord Longyang and the King of Wei. Blinkety blink. "The phrase longyang became one of the standard allusions to male love as early as the third century C. E." Blinkety blink. Do I dare to eat a peach? I mean, do I dare to have AU Aoarashi make a truly awful pun?

You know me and puns. You betcha.
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