mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Pig in a poke

Sheesh. In a fit of self-indulgence I ordered the latest Nemuki from amazon.jp. The thumbnail of the cover, even enlarged, was nigh unreadable: the only name that stuck out was JET's new series, the detective stories of Edogawa Rampo, because that was written in white; well, and the utterly obscure Poison Princess too, because that was in white and orange. But when I squinted, yeah, there was Hyakki Yakou down at the bottom, sandwiched between the other two, and something about 'special.' So I sucked up the $30 shipping fee in return for the 3-day delivery and bought it.

There's a 'special present', a poster folded in three. Yeah, OK. And a 'special offer', a 100 Demons wooden sake cup, which you have to be in Japan to order. And finally, in unreadable hot pink type, is 'Ima Ichiko 100 Demons something something (hot pink on orange here) colour 31 pages' which sounds great so flip flip why isn't it at the start of the magazine the way the big names always are flip flip oh here we are I've seen that picture before somewhere... Well yes. Volume 2, the demons behind the screen story. 'Something something' reveals itself to be 'reprint.' The 31 pages in colour? We printed it in purple ink.

The moral? If the mangaka's and series name isn't printed in big bold type on the cover, they're pulling something on you. I was going to say, this has made me wary of getting a subscription to Nemuki, but on balance it's rather decided me to do it. Because Iwase can't possibly charge as much as amazon.jp does.
Tags: 100demons, manga

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