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Yes, yes, I know there are things that will let you archive ljs, or even turn them into hardcover books if so minded. I don't want to archive an lj. I want a way of preserving the back entries at paleaswater's pitas blog, because they're a treasure trove of useful insights, comments and links. And ghastly moments where she says

"How do the Chinese do uke Seimei -- well, the Chinese fandom is not exactly novel based, but I think they tend to read the relationship from the novel... There's also a charming character study which sounds completely inane if I tell it, but reads absolutely beautifully in Chinese. Seimei, peeved that Hiromasa has not visited him for sometime (rumor has it that he was enamored of another court beauty), magicks away the door when Hiromasa finally comes to visit."

And I thought I was being utterly original when I wrote "Visitors who approached the gate might find it open to their carriages, but equally they might find it shut tight and no answer to their servants' imperious calls. And it was rumoured that this lord or that who came uninvited to the estate in Tsuchimikado Lane had spent an hour following the walls of it, making the whole circuit several times, without ever coming upon an entrance at all" here.
Tags: lj, onmyouji, writing
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