mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Python, thou should'st be living at this hour!

Ganked from xsmoonshine

March of the Emperor

because in France March of the Penguins was titled La Marche de l'Empereur.

This has made my *month*. My month was already happy because Motohashi Keiko (yeah, Third Reich Motohashi Keiko, she of the excessively pretty men) has a weird tales supernatural series ongoing in Nemuki involving long-haired Chinese deities-of-some-description, red dragons, blond Japanese and an art style even more to my tastes than Beauty and the Beast. Yes the long-haired Chinese guy in a cheongsam/ qipao is a staple of manga, even if the thing hasn't been worn regularly in China itself since before this obasan was born. Why not? It's a sexy garment, but most of the period when it was worn guys shaved their heads in the ghastly Qing fashion. Japanese mangaka are merely compensating for that historical aesthetic injustce.
Tags: china, film, humour, manga
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