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Feeling better + fic

Because I love invisible cat macros. I have 'invisible vomiting friend' from another post saved on my computer; would love to iconify it but the image gets too small.

Also yet-another-100 Demons fic (metatags: tired of this, it was a nice idea to start with, speculation, nothing to be seen here):


Kainushi (kau: rear/ raise an animal + nushi: master/ owner) is another translator's headbanger. The closest word we have to it is 'master' which is not only becoming outdated with respect to pets, it doesn't specify that it's an animal's master we're talking about. Owner has the same problems, besides being a colder and thinner word than kainushi. In fact, as far as I can see we don't usually say 'I am this animal's owner'; we say 'This is my dog/ cat/ whatever' or 'this whatever belongs to me.' Modern English prefers verbs, which is why it's such a bad match for Japanese which still prefers nouns.

However both kau and nushi are ideas very much present in my mind when I come to think about Kagyuu's relationship to Aoarashi, both in the Ryou stories and most specificaly in the urn story. Urn story hasn't been translated yet, of course (next volume: roll on the next volume) but the precise moment (and crux) which started this train of thought happens to have made its way into the dorama in episode 9. Urm- which see.

(I see luxetumbra's af-fi-condo and raise her: I was in my 50's before I realized that q.v. means quod vide and not qui vive. Trufax: as in, March of this year.)
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