mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Why Firefox is so full of fail only geeks can love it

You know, when I go to 'organize favorites (sic)' in IE, it automatically presents my favourites list in the order it appears when I click 'favorites': the order I've put the entries into by click and drag. I can then move things around easily from where they are to where I want them. When I go to 'organize bookmarks' in Firefox it presents my bookmarks list in 'unsorted' which means alpha order by default, and a lot of clicking and swearing is necessary to get it out of unsorted. To add insult to injury, organize bookmarks offers me many options- sorted by name, sorted by location, sorted by apple pie order. None of these is 'sorted by the order in which I've arranged my bookmarks list.' (schoolmarm voice) You must organize your bookmarks in bookmark organizer or we don't recognize your order. Yeah, the click-and-drag option is only there to fool me into using it so I'll learn it doesn't work in bookmarks organizer. Thanks.
Tags: techy
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