mjj (flemmings) wrote,


I. Er. I. Uh. It seems (looks at email again)---

---it seems that someone has bought me a permanent account.

A. Permanent. Account.

Someone. Bought. Me.

(blink blink mouth go fish-flap buh-buh-buh)

Someone bought me a permanent account.

(We may hope I never win the lottery, if this kind of short-circuiting is how I react to good news.)

That is just so cool. (starts getting welly in the eyes and sniffly in the nose.) I'm just- I'm all- ohh, let's do it in lj speak:

Thank you cool person who bought me a permanent account!!

(And if I still can't quite register the fact, the reason possibly is that my spam filter grabbed lj's email so I didn't see it until this evening. And still didn't believe it entirely until I went and looked at my user profile where, yes, it says I have a permanent account. I should probably use my OMG! Goujun icon, but calendar!Keiki actually looks more how I feel: which was probably not the artist's intention.)
Tags: lj, techy

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