mjj (flemmings) wrote,

flo_nelja: A Dragon in the Family

So here's a translation of flo_nelja's 100 Demons fic, kindly once-overed by her so I didn't reveal more of my woeful ignorance of French than is necessary, and dedicated to xsmoonshine for the many many hours she spent uploading the 100 Demons TV shows for our viewing pleasure.

A Dragon in the Family

And now of course I have a certain conflation in my mind between the peck on the cheek in this story and the slurp on the cheek in episode 7 there, and, well. Not canon. Not canon. Not not not canon oh hell what did canon ever do for *me*? (goes off to plan truly yaoirrific fic.)

Certain people here will be sad to learn that I went for a walk yesterday, and as I was walking story ideas came to me as they tend to when I'm in motion, and at one point I roused myself from my reverie to say, 'Am I really plotting a Kai x Ritsu story my heavens I do believe I am' and went on doing it in my reverie fashion until I got home and lay down for a bit to rest and then fell asleep, because I'd taken muscle relaxants earlier. And of course, like dreams, I remember nothing of the plot bunny beyond the fact that it existed. Alas.
Tags: 100demons, fic, translation
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