mjj (flemmings) wrote,

This is definitely One of Those Fricked-up Winters. Freezing rain for the third time inside a month, and not even halfway through January yet. (Freezing rain was a March hazard under the old dispensation, but now who knows?) Followed by rain-rain all day. Getting to work was nasty for the block and a half I walked before hailing a cab: the trip cost me an hour of my usual rate, but worth it not to break or strain something. Leaving was better if only because the ice was gone, but the rain was torrential and accompanied by thunder and sheet lightning. I avoid being out when there's lightning around, yes even in the city. I just don't feel safe. Summer storms one can usually gauge the likely duration of, but the rare winter ones have no rules. So I decided to suck it up and take the subway for one whole stop, which qualifies as laziness or luxury depending on circs.

Descending into the bright fluorescent Spadina Station I heard the melancholy and unmistakable sound of an erhu. (The erhu is a stringed Chinese instrument of Mongol was it? origin, very plain and rustic in sound.) I got out a tooney for my old erhu-playing friend from the Yonge station last December--- but it wasn't him. Bless the Toronto Transit Commission for licensing two erhu buskers in this town, because this one makes CDs of his music. And has business cards should one wish to contact him again when one has perhaps more money in one's pocket than today. And plays the flute as well. And has a *little* more English than the Yonge St erhu player. In any case, I gave him my last night's earnings and came away with two CDs, one of which goes out to you, mvrdrk, tomorrow. Happy Wednesday, all.
Tags: erhu, music, rl_05

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