mjj (flemmings) wrote,

The cool thing about the 100 Demons TV series is it tells you how to say 'Aoarashi'. The second a is mute to my ear. For the first- alas, English has no way of distinguishing between different a's. Useless to say "it's a as in father" if we all pronounce father in different ways according to region- and we do. Besides, Ritsu's actor uses an a that equates to no a that I use. Whatever, to my ear it sounds amusingly like the north England 'our Bill' construction- 'our Ashi'- except that anyone I know who uses the 'our Bill' construction says oor. I agree that none of this is any help at all.

The not so cool thing is that the live action version is muddying my creative wellsprings. (sniff) It appears I need to do a mass re-read of the tanks to abolish the image of RL Aoarashi from my mind. Long lipless mouth and fair hair, not cupid's bow pursed and greasy dark.
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