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I've been happily DLing and watching the 100 Demons files that qwerty's so kindly made available. And then carried away by the joy of watching Chinese fansubs on my very own computer, I went and reviewed those Woxinchangdan files that paleaswater put up a while ago. (This because worldserpent linked to another drama on precisely the same subject but clearly from quite a (cough) different perspective. I think I'll stick with Woxinchangdan, which is more useful as fodder for the body language of dragon kings.) (But seriously- *white ostrich feathers*?? Were those a common feature of Warring States court dress?)

In acquiring languages, any exposure is good exposure, but it would make me very happy if deciphering Chinese subtitles from the Japanese dialogue actually helped me to learn to read Chinese. This so that when a series is in Chinese only, I have half a chance of figuring out what they're saying. But truly, watching this stuff on the computer where I'm 15 inches away from the screen is incredibly better than watching on the TV. I suppose I need to learn to DL torrents, if Win98 will handle them at all.

As for 100 Demons: qwerty's absolutely right, it's the barest of bones with all the complication of the stories gone. 'There was a demon and I didn't catch it and it killed your father and took over your cousin's body.' Nothing about the woods behind the house and Ritsu's uncle going in and bringing something back; nothing about Kagyuu trying to save his son and instead killing his son-in-law; certainly none of that weepy scene between Ritsu and Aoarashi (who's no kind of protection in the drama at all: manga Aoarashi is at least efficient) nor the equally melancholy encounter between Ritsu and his grandfather. This is very sad. And of course the grandmother is all wrong, and Kinu isn't right, and the house is *not* in the middle of the countryside, it's obviously in Setagaya or somewhere like that, and I can't make out what dragon!Aoarashi is saying and even Akama- however beautiful he may be in RL- doesn't look quite right. Still-- nice to see the thing live and in colour, and I find Ritsu growing on me, oddly enough.

But yes, it needs to be an anime. All that stuff would have been kept in in an anime.
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