mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Goujun fic

Nearly two years ago kickinpants gave me a fic prompt, quite unintentionally:
reading behind the lines, what your imagination can create for itself, like the time when Goujun returned home for a short visit from heaven to see his sons, and that first evening when he accepts his throne from Gouron and takes him to his bed
so I started writing that story. Not sure why it took me two years to finish, something of a dilatory record for me. Twins, I think, and an unforeseen shift into the first-person mode that all my fic seems to want to be written in these days. Anyway, is done and is here:

The Visit Home

Oh, and happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there, and would-be mothers and will-be mothers (OMG spoiler!!) and motherly people of whichever sex (looking at co-workers.) Raises glass of white wine in your general direction. Kore kara mo douzo yoroshiku onegai shimasu = please continue to keep me in the babies to which I have become accustomed, kthxbai.
Tags: dragons, fic, saiyuki_gaiden
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