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Why is there no LJ community called hormones_suck? I would so be in to posting there.

The drawback of what I must now think was a heavily cut version of Count of Monte Cristo (snotty: from 1200 pages was it? to 560) is not being sure if new developments in Gankutsu-oh are mere twists on the novel's settei or totally new innovations. For all I know Dumas' main character too suffered from some progressive disease that the translator left out because hell, by novel's end it's a non-issue. I trust not. Having neat coloured diagrams on your skin and sprouting four new eyes during your fits suggests there's something quite basically different about Gankutsu-oh, like y'know being an alien. How he got to be an alien is the question, of course, cause the Dantès backstory seems intact, and so evidently is Haydee's-- somehow, since Haydee too is presented as not quite human. (Someone needs to tell anime news network that no matter what the katakana says or what it sounds like in the mouths of the VAs, her name is not Ed.)
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