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So what *is* a remix?

I can hear paleaswater saying that if I'd just go read a few remixes and compare them to their originals, I'd know. That's the Chinese way of doing things. The western way is to have someone define the thing for you, as being faster and more definite. I am a westerner. Ergo. What's a remix?

It appears you do not ask someone if you can remix their stories, so I assume in this kind of challenge people just give a general 'Use mine!' blanket permission? But if it's merely variations on the theme and umm configurations proposed by the original, and not plagiarism in any distinct way, what does fannish consensus think of doing a remix without permission?

That French 100 Demons fic keeps making noises at me. Particularly the author's comments about the very first story in vol 1: yeah, there's something going on there, decidedly. "Mais le fait qu'Aoarashi a trouvé Ritsu "mignonne" la première fois qu'il l'a vu, c'est canon, lalala." ('Toto, I have a feeling we're not in Canada any more': "But the fact that Aoarashi found Ritsu "kawaii" the first time he saw him, that's *canon*, lalala.") One needn't be a dirty-minded slasher to see vibes: one need only be an ordinary-minded Japanese fan. (It's odd that 100 Demons has more vibes than Ima's genuine BL. Or not odd: she tells the best stories when she's not telling stories.)

Were my French at all usable I'd go the time-honoured route and ask for permission to translate. It's not. But. Silver-haired demon x Human little boy is a classic manga trope: look no farther than Vartrag Saga for the shoujou version and Nakamura Rumi, I think, for the ecchi kind. I'd like to do v.1 story1 demon!Aoarashi x kid!Ritsu some day. (Pajama!Aoarashi x series!Ritsu is quite another matter, of course. I fancy even mikeneko would draw the line at that one.)

ETA: Ok, so I've just looked at remixredux's definition of a remix, scrolling back and forth around their mothering big window-breaking picture of Ugly Real People (really, how does anyone write for a live action fandom, she sniffs? Oh right- pretend they're manga characters and write them like that.) Then I looked at a couple of remixes and I still don't understand. It's not expanding the story by looking at it from another angle, like they said; it's changing setting and dialogue and everything else, far as I can see, and keeping to the author's theme. Also the musical analogies made nothing clearer. Covers are the same words and tune with maybe the beat altered, or the edges removed. Remixes I don't know at all unless Paul Simon adding lyrics to Wonderful World counts. Agh.
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