mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Luddite: Still Not Amused

I'm tired of IE hanging like a hanging thing when I'm looking at long collapsed threads in a discussion, as at fanficrants. Journalfen is usually OK but the lj communities are terrible. 'Oh will we load this page or won't we let's sit here for fifteen seconds making up our minds and no you *cannot* press stop load, you can't do anything but wait.'

But I won't switch to Firefox as my main browser for one simple reason. In IE I can ban those damnable lj navigation strips by going to Tools-> Internet Options-> Accessibility-> and clicking the little box under User Style Sheet. This will invoke the strip-banning code I've c&p'd into My Documents. Essence of simple. To do the same in Firefox involves some Byzantine protocol of DLing an extension for Firefox and then finding my user profile in Windows (which in my case I have not got) and doing something there and then going back to Firefox and doing something else... Why can't I simply do the ban thing in Firefox itself? (No, don't tell me to untick the box in lj customize. I have. Other people who haven't ticked the box still have the nav strip on their ljs which still shows even if I don't want to see it, taking up 3 cm of my not very large screen. Is why I don't want to see it.)

Meanwhile a good third of the kitty macros don't show at all. No place holders, either in IE or Firefox. They just don't show. I continue to google to solve this Mystery of the Disappearing Cats, not helped by being unable to remember which browser asked if I wanted placeholders for extra large images and not being able to find them in either. Bad as IE Help is, Firefox Help is ridiculous.
Tags: techy

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