mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Not the only one

Google 'aoarashi' in English and you find my first squickfic, google 'aoarashi' and 'ritsu' and you find French fanfic on erm the same subject. A Dragon in the Family. Wish I'd thought of that, she sighs.

(My lj has metatags but my fic don't. Still it's a bit odd that Keepsake turns up in the first page of google results for Aoarashi, given the competition from French book sites and Saiunkoku Mongatari.)

Cortege 6 came out a week ago, BTW. The one review I saw sniffs 'It isn't as good as the others- Ritsu isn't even *in* the last story!' Err, no. That's the first of the Kagyuu stories and ohh will she be pissed at future volumes that have more of them. Pauvre petite.
Tags: 100demons

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