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Something Missing

I suppose anything 750 pages long wll leave its mark somewhere, though I notice my only reaction to finishing the equally lengthy Order of the Phoenix was Thank God that's over. But for three days now I find myself melancholy in the evening because there's no Perdido Street Station to read any more. However last night I found an unexpected antidote for Perdido's lingering mental images in, of all things, Chi-Ran's Imagine. That's a fast manga read with no surprises that's sat on my shelf for a decade, that I've unconsciously avoided because the seme looks like he's wearing blood-red lipstick, and that I only took down so as to be able to read and toss, as Thursday night I read and tossed the short story collection The Doom that Came to Sarnoth. Lovecraft is far far worse than I'd remembered-- than I could have imagined even. Gaseous bloat brings wincing annoyance around here, not frissons of horror. For that I need phrases like 'white hopping thing' aarghh whimper whimper *covers eyes*.

Also missing, evidently, is journalfen. Not being able to read the wank communities is probably like not having bags of chocolate chip cookies in the house: virtuous but dull.

I use my pissy red dragon icon the way the Lady of the Camellias used her red camellias, as warning to the world that les Anglais se sont debarqués and I am in, well, a pissy red mood. Sorry, tammylee.

More happily, I was listening to Phil Collins the other day and came across It's Not Too Late. Having totally mondegreened the first line into 'Jelly rolling for the time' I had no idea who the he in question (one of the he's) was and got an image of some Akama kind of youkai murmuring outside people's doors or whispering smiling poison into newborn's ears, encouraging them to despair and die because well, hell, the human condition is nothing but despair and death anyway, right?

Which is nice, and might even turn into a story, and rather reminds me of Mischief in Skelton's Magnifycence, urging the young prince to suicide. (Magnificence is a neat play to see acted and if you're into words, back in the days before words got settled and middle-class, it's also a fun read.)
MISCHIEF. And I, Mischief, am comen at need,
Out of thy life thee for to lead.
And look that it be not long
Ere that thyself thou go hong
With this halter good and strong;
Or else with this knife, cut out a tongue
Of thy throat-bowl, and rid thee out of pain.
Thou art not the first himself hath slain.
Lo, here is thy knife and a halter! and, ere we go further,
Spare not thyself, but boldly thee murther.
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