mjj (flemmings) wrote,

Some cheese with that whine?

ETA: Oh my god this is so COOL. If I could knit I'd be knitting boobs too.

Here I am with a day off and lo, the world singularly fails to entertain me as is the world's bounden duty. Not 'I have nothing to read' but 'I don't want to read the things I have.' It's either 'eeeevil middle-aged man preying on hapless youth OMG!' Hagio Moto, or 'eeeevil semi-Arab robbers preying on hapless middle-aged woman OMG!' Bujold.

A Cruel God Reigns is yes yes a classic manga but ohh jeez it's a downer, and this only halfway through vol 1. I refuse to be defeated by the thing yet again but the train wreck syndrome of hysterical mother, predatory step-father, and tragic wibbly preyed-upon youth does not make for fascinating reading. Worse, I'm told that later volumes contain one of those (to me, by now) irritating classic animus figures, the ones that make for such embarrassment when over-thirty women regress to adolescence and gush about 'the cool sardonic kakkou ii ojisan.' Ladies, please refrain from having orgasms when people are watching. It's painful. There's another chip off the Byronic/ MrRochester block in Yakumo Tatsu too, and it's just as embarrassing when people talk about *him*. Hell, it's embarrassing when he merely appears, because of course the cool sardonic kakkou ii *hero* must then become a tongue-tied klutz, pwned by the suave older man who is just so awesomely cool in his pwnage. Except that he's not. The game's rigged from the start and the mangaka doesn't play fair. Give me cool sardonic kakkou ii ojisan who are dolts, like Kai, or creepily unlikable like Nii, and then we'll talk.

And then there's Bujold. I suppose I should continue to hack away until the story picks up. Bah. Why must I hack? Why can't people just be entertaining? And no, the current sore throat isn't adding any sweetness to my frame of mind. I want to read something so awesome it'd make me forget the pain of a toothache, the way Handel's Messiah did for that man in Dublin. I suppose I should have recourse to The Woman in White, which I remember as being pretty amazing. But of course that's how I remembered Karamazov too. And I do have The Worm Ouroboros, but I save that for short bursts of waiting for stuff to download because it's like eating whipped cream. A very very little goes a very very long way.

Or keep on rereading Ze for my fic, even though I fell asleep over it yesterday evening. *That's* what I really want, only more of it.
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